Commercial messages - Logistics - Transport

Streamline your exchanges and gain in productivity

Customers, suppliers, logisticians, and carriers exchange information on a daily basis (orders, delivery notes, invoices, stock levels, transport orders, etc.).

EDI exchanges between partners are structured and standardized according to GS1’s international standards and  specificities of the business sectors. Indeed, nothing is worse than not being able to speak the same language!

  • Simplify your commercial relations
  • Streamline and make your exchanges more reliable
  • Speed up the availability of your products
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Solutions that are compatible with all ERPs on the market

An EDI solution interfaced with your management system

Keep your operational systems, your daily organization is still monitored and managed with your internal software.

Whatever your ERP and your software provider/integrator, data exchanges will be automated to limit any manual intervention

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Your @GP platform is connected to your partner ecosystem

Solutions that are adapted to your organization and your operations

Centralize, track, streamline and secure your information exchanges:

  • Orders [ORDERS]
  • Shipment notices [DESADV]
  • Order modification [ORDCHG]
  • Order response [ORDRSP]
  • Logistics service order [HANMOV]
  • Delivery Order [INSDES]
  • Inventory Status [INVRPT]
  • Invoice [INVOIC]
  • Etc
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For a complete EDI service, you can rely on our Value Added Network (VAN) partner : OnlyVan

Used for all message transactions entrusted to @GP to guarantee a complete and optimized EDI service to our customers. Our VAN application, OnlyVan, allows our customers using their own translator to ensure the transport and telecommunication part of their EDI flows.

OnlyVan, provides a multi-protocol solution, ensuring the security of your messages, complete traceability of your exchanges and interoperability with other VANs.

An intuitive monitoring interface allows you to easily manage your partner directory and provides real-time reporting.

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What are the benefits for your business?

  • Automate the processing of your information flows
  • Traceability and security of VAN exchanges
  • Zero paper and zero loss of information
  • Less incidents, errors and disputes
  • Optimal visibility of your transactions
  • Alert management
  • Speed and peace of mind

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