@GP at your service

To better know us here are the main competence poles of @GP.

We have classified them by departments, but our strength lies in our collaboration and unity, because we all depend on each other so that we can offer our customers the multi-expertise of our teams.

Image Technical watch - innovation - design - development
R&D Department

Technical watch - innovation - design - development

The R&D department is constantly on the lookout to anticipate changes in your business, understand your new needs, understand regulatory obligations and develop tomorrow’s solutions.

In collaboration with users (internal and external), it adapts, creates and develops business and user-oriented applications.
It is our research and innovation laboratory.
Its visionary spirit always gives it a head start and allows it to perfectly sequence the development of applications, from the expression of needs to the production launch

Image Simplify - listen - accompany- deploy
Technical department

Simplify - listen - accompany- deploy

They are the technical contacts who accompany you throughout your project.

Their technical know-how and their sector-specific knowledge ensure the success of your project. Whatever your sector of activity, they will share their business expertise with you and will be able to meet your needs.  They analyze, parameterize, pilot and respect your commitments and deadlines. They are not afraid of complexity. They will also be there to help and advise you on how to put the solutions you need into production.

Image Resource - partner - EDI expert - coordinator
Deployment Department

Resource - partner - EDI expert - coordinator

If you have a project to dematerialize and deploy EDI flows, but do not have the internal resources, the Deployment team is here for you.

Neutral towards your partners, we provide you with our resources, our technical skills and our tools for the success of your project. As the coordinator of your project, it advises you, reports to you and guides your partners in setting up this win/win relationship with you. By entrusting this work to the Deployment Department of @GP, all the odds are in your favor to deploy your project successfully, while ensuring a fast ROI – return on investment

Image Listening - solution - reactivity - satisfaction
Customer Support

Listening - solution - reactivity - satisfaction

A question?  An expectation? A new need?

Our support team is here to assist you at any time.
Reachable by phone and by email, it answers your questions and assists you in the handling and use of our solutions. It is here for you, at any time. It is your privileged interlocutor.
The support team is available Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm and is backed up by a 24/7 technical support team.
 The support experts are of course, multi-experts. They are experienced with all our solutions and know how quickly and effectively they are required to respond. Like all the other services at @GP, your satisfaction is their concern.

Image Advice - customer relationship - accompanying - confidence
Sales department

Advice - customer relationship - accompanying - confidence

Attentive to your expectations and your needs, it is able to advise you whatever your business sector or technicality of your project.

Operational and pragmatic, our Sales Managers help you clarify your needs, size your project, define your technical, functional and human specifications… and ensure internal coordination with the technical and administrative teams. They will propose you simple, accessible and durable solutions, which reflect the positioning and the values that we defend at @GP: to democratize EDI and dematerialization. Our sales representatives are trustworthy interlocutors allowing to engage in a long-lasting relationship with you.

Image Information - distribution - organization - community
Communication Department

Information - distribution - organization - community

The communication department keeps you informed about @GP’s innovations, news and events, but also about those specific to your business sector, such as changes in norms, or evolutions of standards or regulations that impact your EDI practices.

Our communication department also organizes meetings, webinars, articles, news feeds and events to animate our community of partners and customers. 
It elaborates the online and offline supports which contribute to @GP’s notoriety. Internally, it animates the company’s life and contributes to team cohesion.

Image Management - organization - method - memory
Administrative Department

Management - organization - method - memory

It is both the heart and the memory of the whole company.
It is the face and the front-line contact to your purchase orders, your invoicing, your payments… and all administrative documents required for our activities.

Organized and rigorous, it is in charge of the company’s accounting and administrative management, in relation with the executive management and the accounting and financial partners.

Image Vision - strategy - listening - durability
Executive Management

Vision - strategy - listening - durability

Responsible for the piloting of the teams and @GP’s strategy, the Executive Management listens to its customers, collaborators and partners and drives its teams towards progress.

Based on this careful listening, it fosters and maintains the dynamics of innovation and development which have allowed @GP to acquire its notoriety. Projecting itself and anticipating is what allows @GP to maintain recognition from major international actors who work to standardize and make EDI interoperable for the benefit of the eco system.

It also participates in various national working groups which analyze the stakes and define the framework of the standardized EDI protocols.
The Executive Management has at heart to defend the values which founded @GP and which make our success, in favor of EDI democratization and its use for all, while respecting the security and reliability rules for exchanges, in an interoperable world.