Referencing portal

Data exchanges are intensifying and their protection is a challenge for all organizations. This is why all company departments contribute to the quality of these exchanges and have adapted in order to manage their digitalization and centralization. Today, all departments (financial, quality, sales and purchasing, … ) play a strategic role in the company.

They have become essential to the company’s performance and are required to be more reactive. Global cost and value creation are now part of functional purchasing analysis.


What is at stake in this transformation?  Quality and reliability of data.

Well-managed supplier and customer databases contribute to value creation and cost savings in the company.

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Centralize your supplier / customer databases in a unified repository

Le portail de référencement fournisseurs / clients d’@GP vous permettra de centraliser et de maintenir à jour toutes les informations concernant vos fournisseurs et clients.
En définissant votre workflow de validation fournisseurs / clients selon votre organisation, vous pourrez automatiser le processus d’approbation des données de vos partenaires. Vous validez rapidement toutes leurs données administratives, comptables et légales, et vous vous assurerez qu’ils répondent aux exigences de qualité requises par vos services.
Une interface simple, personnalisée, collaborative, à portée de clic, pour la centralisation de vos données fournisseurs / clients sur un référentiel unique présente beaucoup d’avantages :

  • Rationaliser et standardiser la création des comptes
  • Simplifier et accélérer la collecte des données
  • Circulariser les informations pour répondre aux obligations légales
  • Contrôler les données pour se prémunir de tentatives de fraudes (internes ou externes)
  • Qualifier les contacts pour maintenir le niveau de qualité de ses bases de données


The @GP supplier / customer referencing portal allows you to centralize and update all the information concerning your suppliers and customers.

By defining your workflow of supplier / customer validation according to your organization, the approval process of your partners’  data is automated. Quickly validate all their administrative, accounting and legal data, and ensure that they meet the quality requirements of your departments.

A simple, personalized, collaborative interface for centralizing your supplier/customer data in a single repository in a few clicks has many benefits:

  • Streamline and standardize account creation
  • Simplify and accelerate data collection
  • Circularize information to meet legal obligations
  • Control data to prevent fraud attempts (internal or external)
  • Qualify contacts to maintain the level of quality of its databases